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Literally the only thing I need them to add is single a teams and I've asked for them for so long that I really hope they incorporate these teams later on. Adding these teams could raise the degree of realism to the Show in not only franchise but road . It's very uncommon in double A MLB The Show 19, MLB 19 the show stubs any mlb player if they are drafted or signed beginning out. The farm system in this game has got the potential to be flawless but it definitely has to be reworked.

How about being able to utilize the DD cards (ie beginner cards) at Franchise Mode because you cannot alter MLB players era in franchise Mode. I ended my 16yr slump and purched MLB 17 MVP edition (Griffey is my favourite drama ). I had been very dissapointed to learn that all the work put in and it wasn't possible for me to use rookie, break out, or Diamond Griffey in Franchise mode. I can use the 27yr old legend variation, wtf. You've got to work hard to find cardz and you may just use them. Low key off a tear. You should have the ability to use it in ANY 15, once you get a card. Thats my main wish or let use shift players era. Celebrations like Ozzie Smith rear flip, or running off the wall could be cool. Additionally....ADD legends like RANDY JOHNSON, BO JACKSON and DEION SANDERS. (Wish full believing, I know).

Adding player accolades for their cards would be useful, like 2K did once they made MLB games. All star selections, cy young awards, MVP's, silver sluggers etc.. Also I'd love to see them bring back the ability to market also the ability and your players/team to update conveniences and team facilities. It is all little details really but the little details are exactly what makes the franchise encounter more realistic.One thing that really bothers me about the game is the crowd. It's anemic, when you hit a home run, get a major hit, hit out someone in a critical situation, and throughout the playoffs it would cool to see the crowd go nuts like they do in actual life. It would only make the game more enjoyable, and also a audience would get you to the game.

Close to the trade deadline teams that are from the playoff race should be more willing to trade high priced vets and players on expiring contracts and should favor younger, cheaper players and teams that are in the hunt should be less likely to deal these gamers. I have felt the in season advancement has little to no effect on who teams trade and that teams are targeting when selling in the deadline.Great wishlist, but MLB The Show won't take action. They do. We've been asking for features like this for decades, and for the most part each year we are getting the game. I did recommend putting Babe Ruth and Mike Piazza and they were added, which means you never know.

Great video! Franchise Mode is . The mode has to be revamped. The trade engine needs to be enhanced - can not tell you exactly how many unrealistic trades I've seen from contending teams to teams. More of a focus on the off-season - it's so simple to sign free agents and the greatest free agents constantly sign about the worst groups. I would really like to see them bring back stadium pricing at which you can dictate how much tickets cost, food, drinks, etc. and that I believe more cut scenes will be beneficial and also make things more realistic (such as in 2K where you are able to bring free brokers or agents in for a meeting and talk contracts/team needs/player needs ). We get more realistic franchise style this year!

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