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 Sandstone aggregate is a necessary raw material for construction industry. The emergence of high-standard buildings promotes the requirement of sand and gravel constantly. In order to obtain high-quality sand and gravel, the working nature of sand making machine is very important. In addition, in addition to the traditional fixed type, there are mobile sand making machine, as well as a new type of shaping sand making machine, which provides users with greater choice space, making sand production work more efficient and high quality.

Among them, VSI Sand Making Machine: stone breaking iron crushing chamber, sand making efficiency is higher, thin oil lubrication, speed range is larger, change the amount of waterfall, effectively control the taste of finished sand and stone, hydraulic open cover design, convenient maintenance. The mobile sand making machine occupies less space, can penetrate into the production front, has stronger adaptability to the environment, and can still play a stable role in harsh conditions.

Because of the different type selection of sand making machine, the working performance is also different. When choosing the type, you need to refer to the requirements of finished products, production conditions, investment costs and equipment quality of the manufacturer. According to the difference of the production situation, you can analyze the points of attention for the type selection.

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