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Dr. Geetanjali Saxena is one of the leading astrologers in India. If you're from Mumbai and wonder where to find someone with credible experience with astrology and

past life regression therapy in Mumbai, Dr.Geetanjali Saxena is the most credible option. She also does online astrology prediction for your comfort and convenience.
Past Life Regression is one of those modalities which can connect you to your deepest hidden Karmic Cycles which are constantly creating havoc in your life. Dr. Geetanjali had an uplifting experience whole learning Past life regression as she learned from the best in America. In the following blog, we are going to discuss the benefits of Past-life regression therapy.

• Relief from mental and emotional stress– symptoms such as stress, anxiety, fear, and phobias simple disappear as you have the ability to stop them from recurring.

• Clear thinking – As the stress disappear even your symptoms diminish eventually. Giving your head space to think more clearly and lead a peaceful life.

• Removal of barriers for your own inner peace – The emotional and physical blocks are removed and replaced by a sense of calmness followed by the inner peace which enriches the wealth and health of your life.

• Prevent and heal stress-related illness and disorders – The stress and anxiety can weaken the immune system and directly affect your mental health. Because of Past life regression, these worries can be diluted and you can lead a content life.

• Love flows more freely, for yourself and everyone around you –You experience a sense of certainty and calmness after past life regression which allows love to freely circulate in your life. This immunity system is working at optimal level after experiencing the past life regression therapy.
By going beyond the physical limitations of the body on this psycho-spiritual journey you will discover a new level of healing, guidance, and support that is available to you at a spiritual stance. Our sub consciousness has the power to heal everything and nothing is beyond your control. The world will seem kinder than yesterday.  Online Theeta course and other spiritual experiences are the primal forte of Dr. Gitanjali.

If you're looking for experienced therapist for past life regression therapy in Mumbai Dr.Gitanjali Saxena is the most credible option for you. An abundance of experience and skills makes her efficient crusader of spiritual services in Mumbai.
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