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Taste, Quality, and Reliability are the words associated with Birdy's since its foundation in 1992. Today, “Dutch Truffle”, “New York Truffle” and “Cuban Crunch” and Black forest cake are household names. And many of our chefs have been delivering on our brand promise, day after day, for more than a decade. Birdy's does black forest cake delivery and other savory items delivery at no extra cost making them leading online Bakery shop in Mumbai.

They still HANDCRAFT each cake and pastry with the same diligence and detail as they did many years ago. They have many loyal customers relishing on the authentic taste of Birdy's cakes. In the following blog, we are going to discuss the crucial history of Birdy's legendary Black Forest cake.

One look at black forest cake makes your mouth water. This decadent, thick cake is evident in every bite that you take. Black Forest cake is originally from Germany and it is considered to be one of the most beloved cakes around the globe.

The traditional version of Black Forest cake consists of multiple layers of sponge cake with whipped cream and candied or dried cherries to provide earthiness to the cake. Traditionally, the recipe includes Kirschwasser, also known as "Kirsch," a type of cherry liqueur similar to brandy which is commonly used in German households.

The most noteworthy and common story is that mountainous area of Baden-W�rttemberg, where the cherry trees planted by the couples. That's where black Forrest cake originated from.

Naturally, Black Forest cake is popular in Germany but it is also considered a traditional dessert in Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. Birdy's Black forest cake portrays the true essence of the original black forest cake of Germany. No wonder Birdy's has a reputation for unforgettable taste and deliciousness. They do black forest cake delivery to your doorstep and also deliver customized cakes for your convenience.

Birdy’s has the reputation of more than two decades and have happy customers all over Mumbai.
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