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HIKVision Surveillane Systems


This Unbelievable Hikvision NVR can record as much as an unbelievable 6Mega-Pixel photos from all four cameras simultaneously- not Every NVRs is capable do it}. It has a built-in Web server,so you can view our cameras where ever you are, on your smart phone or laptop. This recorder options free P2P and management software, It does not require a complicated remote setup or a static IP simply observe the simple directions to  view your CCTV from wherever within the World. 

The DS-7600NI-E1/ 4P and DS-7600NI-E2/ 8P series NVRs are a new generation recorder developed by Hikvision independently. Mixed with a number of superior technologies, equivalent to audio and video decoding expertise, embedded system technology, storage expertise, community DS-7600NI-E1/ 4P expertise and intelligent technology. It could both work alone as a recorder and cooperate with other gadget to kind a complete surveillance system.

There are three recording modes offered - manual continuous and motion triggered recording. There is no such thing as a schedule primarily based recording accessible, nor are there any advanced motion detection strategies obtainable. The recording resolutions  available are: 4MP  1080p, and 720p/ VGA/4CIF/CIF/QVGA, 


altIVMS 4200 NVR remote Client is a video management application using a distributed structure to provide centralized management to almost all the connectable surveillance devices. It controls NVR, DVR, IP cameras, PC based compression cards and I/O devices. With different management and configuration modules and a reasonable collocation, IVMS-4200 video management application delivers multiple solutions for different monitoring scenarios intended for medium or smaller scale system. This is a stable and reliable software with advanced features like real-time monitoring, video recording and searching, file back-up, etc.
The IVMS-4200 is a flexible and powerful video monitoring management software from Hikvision CCTV utilized for Network video recorders, NVRs, Network cameras, encoder / decoders, security controllers,. Access control with many exclusive features like, current video streaming, real-time video, video recording, archiving, smart search and review...
The main function of the iVMS 4200 CMS  Client is|  to manage multiple network devices remotely.  HIKVISION iVMS-4200 ia a remote surveillance application  , which supports the full line of Hikvision products, including the DS-7000/8000 series DVRs (dual stream models), DS-7300/8100 series DVRs , DS-9000/9100 series DVRs, DS-6000/6100 series digital video servers, as well as network cameras and speed domes that support standard H.264 video codec. 


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