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Doctors have pondered the relationship between our mental and physical health for centuries, and alternative health practices (both traditional and modern) are often based on the assumption of a mind-body connection, but it’s only recently that Western medicine has acknowledged their existence. The NLP practitioner suggests that the advent of prescription drugs that act directly on brain chemistry as a means of affecting the emotional and mental well-being of patients is evidence of how slowly the society is adapting to the medicine for brain remedy.

It is becoming more and more accepted that the physical body responds in a very real, concrete way to our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. And hence NLP comes into the picture. By interpreting the source of our mental worries and providing solutions in our life is what we learn from various NLP courses. But what of the reverse pathway? Is the connection multidirectional? Can manipulate the physical body, in turn, have a measurable effect on our emotions and behaviours? Yes, it can, according to a growing number of therapists, coaches and healers who are exploring this link strongly believe that the roles can be reversed and the connection both the ways. Skilled NLP practitioner is most likely to explore this link in an intricate manner than any other therapists or coach.

Atmabhan Academy of NLP incorporates physical practices, movement, and activity into a coaching practice or healing therapy through NLP courses which can have a significant impact on other people's life. Some NLP practitioner is finding that coming at an emotional or behavioural issue from the perspective of the body is as or more effective than approaching it from a cognitive angle. By linking this mind and body functioning we can effectively control our ideas and actions more profoundly and have a positive impact which we desire.

About Atmabhan
Atmabhan is a Sanskrit word, which means “Self Awareness”. If you can lead your “Self”, you can lead others. The eternal truth is, life’s journey starts with, “Self”. Atmabhan Academy is a premium international NLP Training and certification institute approved by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) Backboned by Ashvin Deshpande, Certified International NLP Trainer.


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