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 After 10 years in the G League, 32-year-old Andre Ingram was both veteran and rookie buy cheap mt 2k20 Tuesday night as he made his first ever appearance in a Lakers jersey.

On Monday, he was told he had been called up for NBA action after 384 games in the developmental league, and the following day Luke Walton was calling him to the touchline at Staples Center.

"Everyone was like, 'Man, when you get it, just let it go,'" Ingram told ESPN. "Everyone was like that. All the players, all the coaches.”

And he did just that. It shouldn’t have been a surprise that the man who holds the all-time record for G League 3-pointers sunk his first four shots, including three from behind the arc.

He went on to finish the night with 19 points and three blocks, with the only blot being that the Lakers lost the game 105-99 to the Houston Rockets. But that didn’t stop Ingram, watched by his wife and kids, enjoying the experience.

Take a look as he takes to the Staples Center floor:

32-year-old Andre Ingram, who was brought up from the G-League, makes his easy ways to get mt 2k20 Lakers debut!

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