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  Bol Bol of the Oregon Ducks warms up, he lost most of the season due mt coins 2k20 injury and might fall to the Lakers in the draft.


Son of legendary Manute Bol, Bol Bol was one of the highest regarded prospects coming out of high school, ranking alongside surefire top picks Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett. However, a stress fracture in his left foot cut his season short and sent him sliding down mock drafts to the point where the Lakers will have a shot at the talented big man.


While his father was known for being a 7’7″ behemoth put on planet earth to block shots, Bol has a much more well-rounded game, despite standing five inches shorter. With his 7’8 wingspan, he is able to patrol the paint and snatch up rebounds before anyone on the court can even come close. While he isn’t the most mobile player, Bol can get up and down the court and isn’t limited to simply scoring in the paint. A very solid shooter, Bol looks to be a possible matchup nightmare at the next level.


Lakers 2019 NBA Draft Target: Bol Bol Among Top Options In Latest Mock Drafts


While he only played in nine games at Oregon, Bol flashed the skills that had scouts ranking him so highly in a top-heavy recruiting class. Averaging 21 points per game, 9.6 rebounds, and shooting 52% from deep on 2.8 attempts per game, Bol looked like what would happen if you created an ideal modern day big man in NBA 2K. While the sample size was incredibly small and against some weaker competition, buy mt nba 2k20 hype around Bol was justified before his foot injury.


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