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 Coby White and Darius Garland, two of the Lakers top 2k20 buy mt Draft targets.

While Darius Garland was the first big name to leave the NBA Draft Combine with a promise to 
be taken in the early lottery, he was far from the last. Another top prospect, Coby White, 
left the combine shortly after with a similar promise to be taken by a team picking in the 
four to seven range. While initially Garland’s promise was thought to be from either the 
Los Angeles Lakers or Suns, could it be possible the Lakers wound up not promising Garland, 
but instead, Coby White?
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Lakers NBA Draft: Did LA Promise Coby White Over Darius Garland at No. 4?
While Darius Garland’s three-point shooting and playmaking abilities make him an appealing 
lottery prospect, the Lakers don’t need a point guard in the same way that they need a 
shooting guard. White has shown the ability to play on-ball when need be but looks to be an 
ideal off-ball scorer to play alongside LeBron James and Lonzo Ball.
While most NBA mock draft boards have White going off the board just a shave after Garland, 
the quality of prospect falls off hard after the top three players and it isn’t out the 
realm of possibility for the Lakers to reach a bit beyond where most analysts feel 
Beyond stepping in and filling an immediate void, Garland is coming off an injury that 
forced him to miss almost an entire season. He should take a bit of time to adjust to the 
speed and skill of the NBA whereas White is coming off one of the best freshman scoring 
seasons in ACC history. Garland’s sample size is extremely small while White offers a bit 
more peace of mind as most NBA front offices have how to buy mt nba 2k20 good idea of what they’re getting out 
of the kid based on his sample size.
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